Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Day

Saturday June 19 - Kristin's and James's wedding day!

The wedding wasn't until four o'clock in the afternoon, so we had a good bit of the day to relax before we needed to start getting ready. We had a lazy morning, and then took a bottle of wine down to the water, lounged around in the sun and dined al fresco for lunch. We headed back to the villa around 2 so we could pretty ourselves up before calling a cab to take us to the site of the wedding.

Since it was our last full day in Croatia, we hand washed some of our clothes and hung them out to dry.

Our view down by the bay of Zaton, across the street from our villa

The green stuff is grapes...yay for homemade wine!

The site of the wedding was the terrace of the Radisson Blu, a very nice resort hotel on the coast.

Mary and I on the terrace

Gorgeous view of the sea from the terrace

There was also a very nice pool, in which all of the wedding party later jumped into

Kristin and her brother-in-law walking up the aisle

It was very hot and the sun was shining directly on us...luckily we were provided with fans!

After the ceremony, we all got on this boat, sailed around and drank champagne

View of the Radisson Blu from the boat

James and Kristin cutting the cake

After the boat ride, we went back to the terrace where toasts were made, dinner was eaten, and the party began. A Croatian jazz band provided the music and the bride and groom, along with their family and friends, drank, danced, and even swam, into the evening.

And they lived happily ever after...

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