Friday, July 2, 2010

Elafiti Islands

On Thursday, June 17, we went on a cruise of the Elafiti islands - Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan. We booked the tour well in advance, so the majority of our party was able to attend. Lunch and wine was included in the price of the tour and we had a few hours at the last island to enjoy the sun and sea.

This dog must have lived somewhere around our villas, because he followed us around during our entire stay, even swimming out into the bay and jumping into Kristin's and James's kayak earlier in the week.

The ship we cruised on, a galleon replica

Ship's shadow

They gave us shots to begin the cruise, a foul variety of grappa

A view from the ship

Pretty island shore

Quaint fishing village on one of the islands

Croatia is very warm and someone had the bright idea of bringing a Saint Bernard into the climate. He had to cool off somehow!

View of the ship offshore

Having a good day!

Lunch on the ship - the fish was good, but the slaw was not

Frousins (friend+cousin)

Swimming in the salty Adriatic sea

You have to be careful in the water because of sea urchins

With Caroline after swimming

Before getting back on the ship, some people decided to do a group jump

After a long day of drinking wine and soaking up the hot sun, we went back to our villas where I had a nice shower and a much needed nap. Then we had another cook out at one of the villas - the owner was a chef and prepared a fabulous meal of grilled fish, prawns, potatoes and greens. Lots of fish was consumed in Croatia, but when it's so yummy, very few people complain. The fish is marinated before being grilled whole, and being so fresh just makes it extra special.

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