Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup and mushy peas

We happened to be in England at the same time as the USA v England World Cup match. The day before, in Brighton, we were told by a couple of local boys NOT to watch the game in Brighton, as speaking with our Yank accents might not make us the most popular. London, being a much more international city, was a safer bet, and our delightful friend Yann picked out a place for us to watch the game where he knew we'd be comfortable.

He picked the Camel and Artichoke

Englanders take their football seriously

We disguised ourselves as England fans by wearing red and other neutral colors. At one point I wore an English flag as a cape! We quietly cheered for the US as we tied England in the game.

This is a shot of an unhappy fan after the US scored their first goal. He literally drew out a sword. He was nice though, later on he let me wear his crazy hat!

After the game, the locals were fairly calm because in the end, a tie is not a loss. We certainly were pleased. We celebrated by dining on fish and chips along with mushy peas! I loved the chips and peas, and the fish wasn't bad, I think I just prefer fried catfish because I'm a good Southern girl.

The next day was our last full day in London and I will post about that later before filling you in on Croatia!

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  1. that guy in the crazy england get is awesome lol im english and i used to work at the camel with him :) absolute lunatic lol i just happened to stumble upon your blog lol saw jaffa and andy in your pix! heh heh