Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy London Sunday

I'd like to finish off my London bit since I'm attempting to update this chronologically, if not timely.

Our last full day in London was a Sunday. Yann checked the weather and said it would be sunny in the morning, but rainy in the afternoon, so we planned our schedule with that in mind. We did the London Eye in the morning, a traditional Sunday roast for lunch, and saved the British Museum for the afternoon.

The London Eye is like a giant Ferris wheel that towers over the river Thames and much of historic London

But instead of a traditional Ferris wheel, where you ride in an open seat, you stand in a giant clear pod with 20 or so other people

On a lovely, clear day, you get some pretty spectacular views

Such as Parliament and Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben in the foreground, Westminster Abbey behind

Afterward, we went to lunch for a traditional English "Sunday roast", which is a meal of roast meat and gravy (I had chicken!) with all the typical trimmings - mini Yorkshire puddings, roast veggies, and peas.

We spent a few hours that afternoon in the British Museum, which is massive, impressive, and full of magnificent pieces of history from the times of hunter-gatherers to ancient Chinese dynasties, from Egyptian mummies to tribal African statues, and much beyond and in between. Unfortunately, my camera died...I only got a few shots with my own! I'll steal some from Mary later :)

The largest covered square in Europe is in the museum's grand hall

Statue from Easter Island

And of course, the Rosetta Stone! Live and in the flesh!

I can't deny that I'm a history nerd.

London was fun and I definitely plan on going back one day. I would love to explore more of the English countryside and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Upcoming posts will be about Croatia and eventually Italy!

As for Real Time Travel, I am currently in Rome and will be leaving in the morning for Florence via train.

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