Saturday, January 29, 2011


By the time we got to Venice, our fourth Italian city, we were less inclined to to seek out historic venues and more interested in simply wandering. Many people gave us the same advice about Venice, which was to throw away any maps and get lost. We did, several times, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. It was actually my favorite Italian city, simply because, to me, it still holds much of the romanticism that I imagined Italy would be full of. The city is literally built over water as it is made up of 117 small islands. Bridges are everywhere and the main method of automated transport is by water taxi. In a way, the city reminded me of a place close to home - like New Orleans with the bright colors and older buildings.

We didn't take a gondola ride - too expensive!

We made friends with the owner of a restaurant we ate at, who also happened to own the bar across the street. Needless to say, we didn't pay for drinks that night AND he was a complete gentleman who walked us back to our hotel so we wouldn't get lost in a city that is impossible not to get lost in.

What's up with the tiny toilets? Note: Yes, I realize I am wearing sneakers with a dress, but my feet hurt, so you fashionistas can get over it.

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