Sunday, January 30, 2011


Milan's Duomo. The construction of this Gothic-style building was begun in 1386 and took a whopping 5 centuries to complete!

Another view of the Duomo di Milano

Doors leading into the magnificent Duomo, the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world!

Stained glass inside the Duomo

I lit a candle for Heather <3

Mary and I at dinner

Castello Sforzesco, a castle that was originally built in the 14th century.

A pigeon inside a scaffolding hole within the walls of the Castello Sforzesco

Aperitivo in Milan, an amazing and popular offering within the city, in which you pay for drinks and get a meal's worth of tapas-like snacks as well!

I have a disorder. I have to say hello to every puppy and kitty I meet. The first Italian phrase I learned was, "Hello puppy!" so I could greet Italian dogs in their own language. In case you're wondering how you, too, can greet Italian dogs, the correct phrase is "Ciao cucciolo!"

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